Teachers for Toads!

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We believe educators play a key role in Houston toad and amphibian appreciation! Several resources have been developed to help teachers, home school groups, and informal educators teach about Houston toads and amphibian conservation.


Educators Guide to Houston Toads
The “Educator’s Guide to Houston Toads” is available for free download here. This K-6 curriculum developed through the Houston Zoo and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department provides a fun head-start to learn about amazing amphibians and the Houston toad. Lessons incorporate TEKS correlations in science, mathematics, social studies, and language arts. The guide also includes an environmental education lesson and many informal education activities too! http://www.amphibianark.org/pdf/HoustonToad_EdGuide.pdf

Houston Toad Maze Activity
Do you have what it takes to be the toad? This interactive and educational obstacle course can be set up in the classroom or the great outdoors utilizing a few simple materials you probably have lying around. Participants will learn about the life cycle of the Houston toad, as well as the natural and human related threats along the way. Audiences range from 3 years old to adults. Download instructions to the Toad Maze here:  http://www.amphibianark.org/pdf/The_Toad_Maze_AArk.pdf


Toad Trunk Loan Program
If you live in the current or historic range of the Houston toad, you may be eligible to check out our Teacher Toad Trunk for FREE! These educational trunks include amphibian models, books, DVD’s, activities, pond exploration equipment, and MORE! This would be great addition to using the Educator’s Guide to Houston Toads in the classroom. Please contact rachel@amphibianark.org for more information.


For access to more amphibian educational materials and activities, please visit Amphibian Ark and AZA’s educational resource pages.
http://www.amphibianark.org/education/links-to-curriculum-materials/ https://www.aza.org/amphibian-education-resources/



Other ways that TEACHERS can help amphibians!

– TEACH your students about the importance of amphibians to local ecosystems by using the resources above.

– NEVER RELEASE exotic OR native pets into local habitats. Your frogs or turtles at school can transmit diseases to native amphibians. Please follow the SSAR’s guidelines for raising AMPHIBIANS IN THE CLASSROOM. http://www.amphibianark.org/pdf/Amphibians_in_classrooms.pdf

– Be a responsible PET OWNER in the classroom. Visit Amphibian Ark for information on Amphibians as Pets: http://www.amphibianark.org/education/amphibians-as-pets/

– If you have a school yard pond for frogs, please keep them fishless! A good resource for creating good amphibian habitats can be found here: http://www.treewalkers.org/pond-building-guide/

– Plant native grasses and wildflowers at school. These are good for bugs, require less chemicals, and are drought resistant! Visit Native American Seed for an appropriate mix for your region: http://www.seedsource.com/

– Use LESS or NO pesticides or fertilizers, especially close to water sources.

– SAVE WATER and keep our water clean. Encourage your students to do the same. Visit Project Wet to learn how to take action! http://www.projectwet.org/

– Give amphibians a BRAKE! Go SLOW or DON’T DRIVE on rainy nights when amphibians are on the move.

– FLIP THE SWITCH and save energy! New power lines are run through Houston toad habitat to get more energy to big cities like Houston.

– Get OUTDOORS, have FUN and CONNECT with nature. Go to your local wildlife refuge or state park right now! Houstonians, visit: http://www.getoutherehouston.org/get-now 



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