For Kids!!

Are you a LEAPING LEADER who wants to help Houston toads and other Texas amphibians?


Students learning about amphibians and Houston toads!


Kids CAN help!

BE INSPIRED by others! Visit websites like Conserve it Forward and read the new Froglog Jr to learn about other kids who are toad-ally crazy about amphibians and are doing their part to help!

NEVER RELEASE your exotic or native pets in local habitats. Your pets at home can carry diseases which can make wild frogs very sick.

Never HARASS or HARM amphibians in your backyard. Make sure if you touch an amphibian you do not have any lotions or mosquito repellents on your hands.

– Make your pledge to CONSERVE and PROTECT WATER. Learn about how healthy water means healthy people (and frogs!), how to use water wisely, and make your own Water Action Poster here! (

LIGHTS OUT. Be sure to flip the switch whenever you leave a room and save energy! New power lines run through Houston toad habitat to provide more energy to big cities like Houston.

– Start a NATIVE PLANT GARDEN at your home or school. Native plants support nutritious bugs for amphibians and other wildlife, they require less watering, and chemicals. Ask your parents or teachers to help you make native seed balls to start your garden!



RAISE AWARENESS with your friends and neighbors about the importance of amphibians. Hold a school event or raise money through a garage sale, bake sale, or a lemonade stand and donate your proceeds to amphibian conservation. You can contact us for a list of reputable organizations to donate to. Every dollar counts!

– Get OUTDOORS, have FUN, and CONNECT with nature. Tell your parents you want to visit your local park! If you live in Houston, you can visit to find an outdoor event or park near you.



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