Our Mission

The T.O.A.D group is a burgeoning conservation group whose mission is to encourage interest and the protection of one of the most threatened groups of vertebrate animals on earth – the amphibians. To fulfill this mission, T.O.A.D is pursuing the following principle goals:

1) To educate the Houston community about the importance and role of amphibians in our environment.
2) To provide information and opportunities for individuals to actively participate in conservation measures at their workplace or in their homes.
3) To help reconnect urban youth to nature through interactive, science-based activities that get kids outdoors.

Many of T.O.A.D’s early initiatives will focus on the locally endangered Houston toad, Bufo [Anaxyrus] houstonensis; however, we plan on branching out to include information and activities focusing on other endangered Texas amphibians.

Baby bastrop toad

Juvenile Houston toad

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