Meet Maggie, the Houston toad!

We are pleased to have the opportunity to introduce you to, Maggie! Maggie is the official “ambassador” toad for the Houston toad conservation program.  Though she knows that she bears an incredible responsibility for being the “spokes-toad” for her species, she is ready for the challenge of spreading the word about the Houston toad across the greater Houston area.



Maggie the Houston toad

Maggie was hatched at the Houston Zoo in the spring of 2014. Her parents are members of the captive Houston toad assurance colony located at the zoo, which plays a special role in the Houston conservation effort. Currently, the Houston Zoo, U.S Fish and Wildlife, and researchers at Texas State University are collaborating to breed members of the colony so their eggs can be released back into the wild. In addition, in the event of a disaster affecting the remaining wild toad population, the toads kept at the Houston Zoo will ensure that the species will never go extinct.  Interested in learning more about Houston toads, Maggie, and the conservation effort? Stay tuned to our webpage with updates from the breeding program and from the field!

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